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“Tiger King” Joe Exotic Selling His Edgewater Florida Mansion

Greene Realty of Florida is proud to bring you this exclusive listing. Joe’s amazing waterfront mansion in Edgewater is going up for sale, with one small catch…

Joe Exotic, the understated former zoo owner and star of “Tiger King,” is back in the headlines. This time, it’s not for his incredible fashion sense or budding country music career but for putting up his lavish Florida mansion in Edgewater, FL for sale. Now, before you start counting your pennies and planning your new life as a flamboyant exotic animal kingpin, there are a few details you should know.

First off, this isn’t your average million-dollar mansion deal. No, Joe Exotic isn’t just handing over the keys and walking away with a sack of cash. The Tiger King is selling on short notice to cover recent legal fees. He will consider all offers north of $410k.

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, a waterfront mansion for just $410k? Sign me up!” Hold your horses, or in this case, hold your tigers. Sure, the mansion would usually fetch a cool $4.1 million on the market, but when you factor in the cost of feeding and caring for a bunch of apex predators, suddenly that bargain doesn’t seem so enticing.

That’s right, the new owner will be contracted to take care of Joe’s favorite Tiger, April, and a slew of other local and exotic animals that live throughout the exquisite property.

But hey, look on the bright side. You’ll have your very own exotic petting zoo right in your backyard! Need to scare off unwanted guests? April has you covered.

And let’s not forget the bonus of living in the former stomping grounds of Joe Exotic himself. Imagine regaling your dinner guests with tales of the Tiger King’s exploits as you sip cocktails by the pool. Who needs Netflix when you’ve got front-row seats to the real-life drama unfolding right in your own home?

As with all of our home listings, Team Greene Realty provides the utmost transparency and value in our listings. If you have any questions regarding this exclusive listing, please call the number listed below.

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April Fools! This is clearly not an actual listing nor the home of Joe Exotic. While we have amazing homes for sale, this is not one of them, and none of our actual listings come with exotic pets!