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102 S Woodland Blvd

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Tenant Insights – Ms. Preppy Pants Ladies Consignment

Following the dramatic changes and necessary precautions around CV-19 this year, retailers have had to be proactive about health and safety as well as come up with ways to sell their products.

We wanted to get the word directly from a local business in Downtown DeLand on how they have been coping with the ongoing CV-19 epidemic. Also, we wanted to find out how it has been affecting them as a valued member of our Historic Downtown DeLand Retail community.

We reached out to one of our commercial tenants, Christa Yates, who recently moved into a managed commercial rental on Woodland Blvd. Get to know a bit more about one of DeLands local retailers, Ms. Preppy Pants Ladies Consignment, and learn how COVID-19 has been affecting local business in DeLand. 

1. When did you start Ms. Preppy Pants?

I started Ms Preppy Pants in 2017

2. Have you always been at the same Address / Location?

I opened Ms Preppy Pants on Rich Ave, in a tiny little shop that was the starting location for Dressed Boutique, Pin-Up Parlor, and Wiley Owl Toy Store….all of these shops were successful and moved onto better locations on Woodland Blvd.  I was fortunate enough to move Ms Preppy Pants to my current location in 2019.

3. What do you like about your Current Location?

My current location is right in the middle of all the action on Woodland Blvd plus we have the Alley at the back of my shop.  It’s such a cool old building with tons of character and visible from Woodland.  I love the the day trippers from out of town being able to stroll the Blvd and visit all of our cool little shops.

4. What has COVID-19 changed most about your business?

I’ve always had an online shop but with COVID our website has taken off…people love to shop online and many at this time are using our website from the comfort of their homes. We also sell on several resale platforms such as Poshmark and Ebay.

5. What's the DeLand Festivity you're looking forward to most post COVID-19?

I love all of the events held in Downtown DeLand and with my new location on the Blvd my visibility during these events has really helped get the shop booming. My favorite events are the Friday Night Market because I love all of the locals coming out and visiting not only the market but our shops and restaurants.  The Fall Festival of the Arts has been super successful for Ms Preppy Pants….and the Indie Market is also a great day for Ms Preppy Pants.

6. How has your experience been renting with Greene Property Management?

So Ms Preppy Pants is a relatively new shop and I have never owned a Brick and Mortar shop before this…to say Soloman Greene is a lifesaver is an understatement. Sounds a little dramatic I know but he has been so kind to me since day one of moving my shop into my current location.  Greene Property Management has been super professional with not only COVID but with my day to day….it’s unique that a property management company will refer family members to shop in stores that they manage.  Greene Property Management walks the walk when it comes to “keeping it local”…..that means the world to me.

Thanks so much to Christa Yates, owner of  Ms Preppy Pants Ladies Consignment for giving us first-hand insight into what she likes about being a small business owner in Historic Downtown DeLand on Mainstreet. With COVID-19 affecting our community in such a variety of ways, it’s nice to know that shops like hers are still able to stay proactive and sell online.

If you’re in town and want to show support to Christa & Ms. Preppy Pants, stop by her store and take a look around or browse her online catalog!