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DeLand Property Data June 9th 2017 – DeLand

About Our Metrics Blog

In our blog posts, Greene Realty releases metrics we feel are valuable to home owners, buyers, landlords and tenants. By showcasing this information in a simple, easy to comprehend manor we hope to better assist you in your real estate endeavors.  Thank you for your continued business and for reading our weekly blog, please contact us should you have any questions regarding the information you see here.

Occupancy Rate

This shows the percentage of properties in Greene Realty’s Property Management portfolio that are currently occupied.

Greene Realty goes the extra mile for their home owners and strives to keep your property rented at all times. Current properties that are not occupied may be under renovation or waiting for a new tenant.


Of houses listed through Greene Realty Property Management are currently occupied.

On-time Payments

This stat shows the percentage of rentals managed by Greene Realty where the tenants are on time with rental payments. Landlords choose Greene Realty to manage their properties because of efficiency like this.

Make sure your current property management service lives up to standards as high as the ones Greene Realty provides their clients.


Of Greene Realty tenants paid their rent on time in May.

Days To Sell vs List Price

Wonder what is happening with the market?  This graph speaks volumes.  While the prices are steadily climbing from the post recession lows, the number of days that properties are on the market has been declining drastically. 

This means that when a property is accurately priced, it should be under contract within about 3 weeks.  Greene Realty has the experience necessary to determine your homes current market value, and the expertise to ensure you are under contract with a qualified buyer as quickly as possible. 

Contact us for a free market analysis.

List Price vs Time to Sell

Weekly Summary

Occupancy Rate 95.5%
Rent Collected on Time 96.7%

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