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West Volusia’s Best Performing Areas

Percentage Change of Average Sold Price from 2016 to 2017

“Avg March – May 2016”  vs  “Avg March – May 2017”

DeLand 32724
Deltona 32725
DeLand 32720
Deltona 32738
Orange City 32763

Last week, we touched on how long the US expansion is set to last. The opinions of 42 economists were combined to show that 60% thought we have at least another 2.5 years of growth left.

That being said, we took a look at where the most growth is currently happening within the West Volusia Region, to help you make wise choices when choosing an area to buy into. West Volusia, along with many other regions within Florida and the US, is experiencing consistent growth year on year. There are however, certain cities that are rising in value at rates that outshine others.

We have used data from the most current quarter in 2017 and compared it to the same quarter in 2016, to show the percentage increase of the value of home sales in these towns. As mentioned by Solomon Greene, in a recent interview for Daytona News Journal, brokers and agents are seeing the value of homes increase at phenomenal rates.

“I’m seeing that the sales prices definitely reflect at least that much of an increase.”
– Solomon Greene

DeLand, Deltona and Orange City are all areas in west Volusia County which are showing higher average value of sales than last year. Showing us that these areas are becoming more sought after, with buyers being willing to pay a lot more than they did in these areas last year at this time.

Orange City is the over achiever when comparing 2016 to 2017 (March – May). Its remarkable increase of 21.5% is not the only figure supporting your investment choice, over half of the houses sold this May were on the market for under 10 days only. This high demand can be atributed to a number of factors, the proximity to great activities and attractions such as DeLand, Blue Springs and Orlando being a few.

This demand and year on year growth makes Orange City one of the promising areas in west Volusia County.

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