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102 S Woodland Blvd

DeLand, FL 32720

5 Reasons to Buy DeLand Property

1. Stetson University

Stetson has been around since 1883 and is one of Florida’s top private universities. It pulls students from all over the USA as well as the rest of the world. Stetson University boasts alumni at Google and Billabong, as well as prominent local businesses in DeLand itself.

A prominent university in a small town. This makes renting your investment a whole lot easier. With more affluent students coming in each year, the rental market in DeLand is struggling to meet the student housing demand. Meaning that if you can get your hands on a property near downtown, it is sure be rented out.

2. Proximity to Orlando

DeLand is only 45 minutes drive from downtown Orlando. Making it a popular destination for people wanting to live the city life without paying the big city prices. The median list price per square foot in Deland is $116 as opposed to the median list price per square foot in Orlando at $135.

Orlando’s attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, and Epcot attract international and local tourists who come in for days to weeks at a time. Giving property owners a short term rental opportunity.

3. Best Mainstreet in America

The independent award that DeLand just won is attracting proud Floridians from neighboring cities every day. The award is just one of the indicators showing the quality of DeLand’s local businesses and attractions. It is fast becoming a destination stop for people from larger cities in the Central Florida region.

New homeowners get to experience great restaurants, night-time markets, local music festivals, and a one of a kind historic district.

4. DeLand’s International Vibe

Businesses such as Skydive DeLand are huge contributors to the international feel that DeLand exudes.

Visitors to DeLand often remark how they never expected to find such a diverse little town in the heart of central Florida. Skydive DeLand attracts hundreds of foreigners year on year who travel to DeLand for skydiving training and vacations.

Norwegians, Qataris, Brits, Australians, South Africans, and many more nationalities spend weeks at a time enjoying the local attractions and supporting the growth in DeLand. This tourism drives the need for short term accommodation and generates a lot of business for the downtown DeLand store owners.

5. Local Infrastructure

DeLand has new construction projects underway, from right in the middle of town to the surrounding areas and estates. Buildings that were dilapidated and empty just 15 years ago are now thriving businesses owned by proud owners.

With the constant increase of successful businesses and the addition of new buildings, DeLand is a place where home buyers can feel secure in knowing that they will get a good return on investment with minimal risk. We see DeLand as an excellent investment opportunity. It has room for growth as well as a proven track record of growth.

Contact us at info@greenerealtyflorida.com today and we can show you houses in DeLand that are great opportunities to capitalize on the tourist and student market.

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